Children and Youth

Children and Youth are a vibrant, cherished part of the St Paul Lakeland community. During sunday mornings, and through various opportunities throughout the week, we disciple and invest into these precious gifts.

Sunday Mornings

Children's Church (8:30 service and 10:47 service)

During the Sermon, children are invited to participate in Children's Church. We have two age groups- Preschool - 1st Grade and 2nd Grade - 4th Grade. Trained Adult Volunteers give a short presentation and have an activity that is age appropriate. Children are brought back into the Sanctuary after the sermon is finished.

9:45-10:45 Sundays

Children PK - 5th Grade

During the 9:45-10:45 Bible study time, children are invited to participate in:

Middle School

Our Middle schoolers meet Sunday mornings in the TMC Meeting Room. Stop by our welcome desk in front of the sanctuary for directions.

High School

We encourage our High School Youth to attend the Adult Bible Study or serve in our Children’s Ministry on Sunday mornings.

Faith Milestones

Faith Milestones provide a marker along life’s journey that says, “This is something important, and God is here, too.” It is a faith formation practice for both home and congregation that helps all generations recognize God’s presence in everyday life.

St Paul Lakeland organizes participation in the following Faith Milestones as part of our ministry to families.


If you or a family member would like to talk to Pastor Andy about baptism or schedule a baptism, email or call the church office (863) 644-7710.

PreK / K Serve Event

Usually scheduled in February of each year, this event is for Pre-School 4 year olds and Kindergartners with their parents. Children and Parents will serve together at a local organization in Lakeland. Our hope is that this starts a life-long journey of serving others in the name of Jesus Christ. Contact Nick Moss for more information.

3rd Grade Bibles

This is planned for early fall shortly after school starts up in August. We present each 3rd grader with a bible of their very own during a worship service. In creating a special moment of ownership and access to God's word, we pray that God uses this time to build a love for Him and scripture into each child. Contact Nick Moss to make sure your child is included.

First Communion

1st Communion instruction takes place on Reformation weekend each Fall.


Starting in 6th grade, students will go through a 2 year process that will include the following.

Freshman Welcome

Every year before school starts, we have a Freshman welcome event for them and their families. This is a time to celebrate, learn about our High School Youth Ministry, and pray over our Freshman students.

Senior Blessing

As 12th graders near graduation, we will celebrate over them with a special blessing in the worship services. They will also receive a “tool box” that they can take with them that will include letters of encouragement, devotions, and other spiritual materials to help them as they transition out of high school.

Email Nick Moss For more information on our Faith Milestones, email Nick Moss

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